Best Anti Aging Cream – Consumer Feedback Review

Consumer feedback is one of the best ways to gauge what women and some men consider to be the best anti aging creams for their face and body.By simply broad searching the keyword phrase “best anti aging cream” in Google, you will discover a number of forums and blogs which aren’t trying to sell you anything, but simply offer you candid feedback on what works for them, be them homemade anti aging products or creams purchased either online or over-the-counter.From countless entries posted, it’s clear that a common trend develops from what many feel offer genuine longevity and rejuvenation to their skin.1) Olive Oil:It seems clear that just simply applying Olive Oil to your body and face can reap serious rewards. What women find an effective way to use Olive Oil is to combine it with coconut oil and mashed avocado.Fluffed egg white on your face can then be applied as a mask whereby you can follow that up with steaming your face with coco butter and then steaming over that.Many women who apply this technique then spray an Aloe Vera product which should be kept in your fridge to then close your pours.2) Baltic Collagen Face Gel:Baltic Collagen Face Gel is argued to firm, lift and refresh wrinkles within minutes. Helping to protect against free radical damage, by deflecting pollutants these ingredients are claimed to offer some of the most advanced collagen treatment available today.Described by many users as like getting a face lift and micro dermabrasion in just 10 minutes, consumers reveal that it restores elasticity and tension as the skin quite dramatically takes up the slack. Advised to be used twice per day, where some women apply a moisturizer afterwards, it is also argued to have a dramatic effect on the so called turkey skin around the neck.3) Retinol/Resveratrol Products:Lately Retinol, found in almost every effective anti-aging cream is being combined with the polyphenol Resveratrol, to provide an anti-oxidant ingredient considered to be one of the best anti-aging creams.Difficult to currently find over-the-counter, as Glaxo Smith Kline, the manufacturers of Alli, America’s top selling fat blocking supplement, recently purchased the patent for Resveratrol and are currently in the process of trying to unlock the anti-aging secret this natural ingredient possess.Women who are now starting to use these new aging creams, describe it as a “hydro-peptide” formula like no other.The big difference in women’s and men’s hormones is estrogen. Alteration in a women’s estrogen will cause dry skin, as well as medical conditions such as abnormal thyroid function and diabetes.However, SIRT1, an enzyme that helps stimulate the proteins that contribute to cellular regulation in reaction to longevity, is where Resveratrol is argued to increase the volume of this enzyme by up to 29.5%.Bottom Line:Unlike any other of anti aging creams, Retinol Resveratrol SIRT1 based products, are currently dominating the anti-aging cream global market, as Resveratrol has since been claimed to be the only activator of Sirtuin 1, meaning that it will increase the activity of your SIRT1 enzyme.

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