Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant – Why You Need a Home Business to Help Your Personal Finances

This is a simple review of one page of Robert Kiyosaki’s book the Cashflow Quadrant. Imagine what’s in store for you if you read the whole book! If your personal finances are not where you would like them to be this article will explain why instead of taking on a second job you need to consider starting your own home business; your own online home business. Imagine working in your pj’s if you would like!p.4 is Robert Kiyosaki’s famous buckets of water analogy.At the end of the story he asked the question: Are you carrying buckets of water or are you building a pipeline?WOW! OPRAH LIGHT BULB MOMENT! AHA MOMENT! REVELATION! LET THE BELLS RING OUT AND THE BANNERS FLY. [Who said that by the way? A cartoon character?] Call it what you will. If you have read Cashflow Quadrant and this wasn’t your experience you need to read it again.My thinking was forever changed.I had a job. I was carrying buckets of water. When I stopped the money stopped. I had all my eggs in 1 basket. Any number of things could take me down. My health, my employment situation could change, my family situation could change. We see it all the time and in this economic downturn it is magnified. We all know someone who has been down-sized, had health issues, become widowed or divorced. Any number of catastrophes can befall us. Yet we never believe it will happen to us.When you are completely reliant on wages or salary for your income you are in a very precarious position.If your personal finances are not where you would like; consider diversifying. Instead of getting by with less and less; instead of having an ever decreasing income circle; why not expand it? Why not take Robert Kiyosaki’s advice? Instead of taking on a second job; why not start your own business? Why not start a home based business?As long as you are working a job; you are carrying buckets of water. When you stop the money stops.The definition of insanity is to keep doing what you are doing and expect different results. Perhaps this economic downturn is a wake-up call? It should be. Is your ladder leaned up against the wrong wall? If you are in corporate America that could well be the case.Most people think they are financially literate but then you look at their personal finances. Their personal finances are a shambles. If you could see what people actually own versus what they have on credit there would be a lot of naked people driving around in phantom cars and sleeping in empty houses. Kind of like the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes.People tend to think if I only made an extra $10,000/year everything would be fine. Not true. People with 6 figure incomes are simply broke at a different level. They are wearing more expensive clothes, driving fancier cars and living in larger houses but they are still broke.How many people do you know that have 3-6 months of wages saved? Do you?If I ask you: “Is your house is an asset or a liability?” If you answer an asset you are not financially literate. People have stopped reading Kiyosaki’s book at this point. So to clarify; he is not saying not to buy a house he is just making sure you understand the vocabulary of the financially literate. His definition of an asset is something that puts money into your pocket and a liability is something that takes money out of your pocket. If you stopped working tomorrow would your house feed you?The confusion arises when you go to the bank and they get you to list your assets. They even let you name your car as an asset. And it is an asset; an asset for them! Not you! If you re-neg on your payments they get your car.In conclusion the reason I recommend Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant is to give you a desperately needed wake-up call. What are your personal finances really like? Do you pay yourself 1st? Does 10% of your income get put where you can’t touch it? Instead of taking on a 2nd job; I strongly recommend that you seriously consider starting your own home business.

Three Healthy Cardiovascular Heart Exercises in Cardiac Wellness Programs

Healthy heart Aerobic exercises are exercises in which you are able to warm up, get into your target intensity level and then cool down. Whether you think you are the most unfit person or the most fit you will benefit from this type of exercise for your heart health.The 3 types of healthy heart exercises any person with heart disease can do to reverse heart disease.1. Impact Aerobic exercises: Impact exercises are exactly that. It is where your body is impacting the surface to continue with that exercise. When you commence your cardiac wellness program they may start you off with impact aerobic exercises. Some examples of impact exercise can be walking, hiking, jogging, or stair climbing. These types of exercises are good for most people after their cardiac wellness program as you don’t need much equipment to do it. The benefits of impact exercises are that they remodel the bone therefore can increase bone density while receiving the benefits for your heart. The concerns with impact aerobic exercises are that if you have muscle or joint concerns where you are unable to walk, jog, or hike. This is where you may benefit from low impact or non-impact exercises.2. Low impact or non-impact exercises are exercises in which your body does not get as impacted. Some good examples of low impact or non-impact exercises are biking, elliptical trainers, arm trainers, and swimming. These exercises are great for people with muscle or joint concerns in which walking or jogging is difficult. If you are apprehensive about starting your cardiac wellness program low impact exercises are a great addition. The benefits of lower impact or non-impact exercises are that it puts less stress on your joints.3. Alternative exercises: Now in the event you are unable to perform aerobic exercises in any of the above two forms; impact or non-impact exercises (which are most common in cardiac wellness programs), you can perform alternative exercises. There is always something you can do to help your heart. DON’T give up! Some great examples of alternative exercises are tai chi or yoga. The great thing is that you can achieve some aerobic benefits from doing tai chi or yoga, this has been well documented in the research. I have had patients in which they were unable to do any form of aerobic exercises in their cardiac wellness program due to muscle ailments, and have benefited tremendously from such alternative exercises.No matter what your situation try to keep your routine of your exercise program. I always think it is really important to try different exercises. This is important so you can train different muscle groups and achieve really great overall benefits from aerobic exercise. As always discuss your plan with your cardiac wellness program expert.

Best Anti Aging Cream – Consumer Feedback Review

Consumer feedback is one of the best ways to gauge what women and some men consider to be the best anti aging creams for their face and body.By simply broad searching the keyword phrase “best anti aging cream” in Google, you will discover a number of forums and blogs which aren’t trying to sell you anything, but simply offer you candid feedback on what works for them, be them homemade anti aging products or creams purchased either online or over-the-counter.From countless entries posted, it’s clear that a common trend develops from what many feel offer genuine longevity and rejuvenation to their skin.1) Olive Oil:It seems clear that just simply applying Olive Oil to your body and face can reap serious rewards. What women find an effective way to use Olive Oil is to combine it with coconut oil and mashed avocado.Fluffed egg white on your face can then be applied as a mask whereby you can follow that up with steaming your face with coco butter and then steaming over that.Many women who apply this technique then spray an Aloe Vera product which should be kept in your fridge to then close your pours.2) Baltic Collagen Face Gel:Baltic Collagen Face Gel is argued to firm, lift and refresh wrinkles within minutes. Helping to protect against free radical damage, by deflecting pollutants these ingredients are claimed to offer some of the most advanced collagen treatment available today.Described by many users as like getting a face lift and micro dermabrasion in just 10 minutes, consumers reveal that it restores elasticity and tension as the skin quite dramatically takes up the slack. Advised to be used twice per day, where some women apply a moisturizer afterwards, it is also argued to have a dramatic effect on the so called turkey skin around the neck.3) Retinol/Resveratrol Products:Lately Retinol, found in almost every effective anti-aging cream is being combined with the polyphenol Resveratrol, to provide an anti-oxidant ingredient considered to be one of the best anti-aging creams.Difficult to currently find over-the-counter, as Glaxo Smith Kline, the manufacturers of Alli, America’s top selling fat blocking supplement, recently purchased the patent for Resveratrol and are currently in the process of trying to unlock the anti-aging secret this natural ingredient possess.Women who are now starting to use these new aging creams, describe it as a “hydro-peptide” formula like no other.The big difference in women’s and men’s hormones is estrogen. Alteration in a women’s estrogen will cause dry skin, as well as medical conditions such as abnormal thyroid function and diabetes.However, SIRT1, an enzyme that helps stimulate the proteins that contribute to cellular regulation in reaction to longevity, is where Resveratrol is argued to increase the volume of this enzyme by up to 29.5%.Bottom Line:Unlike any other of anti aging creams, Retinol Resveratrol SIRT1 based products, are currently dominating the anti-aging cream global market, as Resveratrol has since been claimed to be the only activator of Sirtuin 1, meaning that it will increase the activity of your SIRT1 enzyme.

How to Make Money Online: A Beginners Guide to Earn From Home

How To Make Money Online
Making money online is NOT EASY at all. But it’s NOT THAT DIFFICULT too, if you are following a proper path. Without these following three things making money online will always remain a dream for you:-
Hard work



If you think you have got the above mentioned three things, then let’s jump right into the topic.Below are some of the most authentic and legit ways to make money onlineFreelancingWhat is Freelancing?
If you are into making money online, you must have heard the term Freelancing. But what does it really mean? Freelancing means working on a contract basis rather than on a regular basis for a company or organization and getting paid for hour of work, days of work or per project.YouTube
Now a day You-tube is booming like anything. More and more people are coming to YouTube to find a solution to their problem, to learn something new and to entertain themselves. With this increasing popularity YouTube is also becoming a money making machine for content creators. Yes! In case you don’t know you can earn a decent amount of money by creating YouTube videos. Although YouTube videos don’t pay by themselves, you can make money by placing Google AdSense ads on your videos (of course there are other ways to make money on YouTube but for now we will stick to Google AdSense). The more views and clicks your ads get the more money you will make.Blogging
Blogging basically means writing posts on any niches on the internet, which are updated frequently. You can write on different niches which include but not limited to personal journals, News, Technology, Health and Fitness, Gaming, Parenting or any other topic you are interested in.Affiliate Marketing
These days almost every product is available online, whether it is as small as a needle or as big as a car, everything is available online. And people are inclining more and more towards buying products from online stores may be because of the easy accessibility of products and convenient home delivery system.These online stores need to advertise their products in some way and affiliate marketing is one of the many ways they promote their products. So affiliate marketing is a form of advertisement in which the affiliate (in this case you) promotes the products from different online store in his/her blog or website through a unique link (generally referred as affiliate link). The affiliate gets a commission when someone buys a product through that link then (generally some percentage of the price of the purchased product).Almost every big online store has an affiliate program which you can join to promote their products in your website and get a commission in return if someone buys from your affiliate link.